Class 1 Miss Neeves
Class 2 Miss Colebrook-Clark
Class 3 Mrs John and Mrs Cotton

Class structure

Class 1 – Foundation and Year 1
Class 2 – Year 2 and 3
Class 3 – Year 4, 5 and 6


Please click on the link for the Class 1 topic web, Beware, Pirates

Please click on the link for the Class 2 topic web, Land-ulph AHOY!

Please click on the link for the Class 3 topic web, Cornish Smugglers


We believe that success in your child’s education is dependent upon a partnership between school, home and the child.  You will therefore be asked to support your child at home in a range of purposeful activities, including:

  • Reading with and to your child
  • Encouraging, assisting and checking the learning of spellings, arithmetic and multiplication tables
  • Learning words of songs, poems and readings in preparation for presentation to an audience
  • Providing items of interest and assisting with research
  • Entering occasional quizzes