Risk Assessment Review-Respiratory Infections-AY21-22-April ’22

Risk Assessment-Respiratory Infections – April ’22

Remote Learning Plan – A Guide for Parents

MS Teams – Acceptable Use Policy

In the event of any form of isolation caused by Coronavirus, parents must understand that engagement in remote learning is compulsory, as is the expectation that we make the provision available.  Please do not worry, we will be there to guide you through what is expected of your child.

This plan will be applied in the following instances:

  1. An individual is self-isolating because someone in their household is symptomatic or tests positive within the household;
  2. A whole bubble is self-isolating because of a case of coronavirus in their class bubble;
  3. National Lockdown – school closed to all pupils except key worker and vulnerable

You will have now received your child’s log in details for MS Teams and a user guide to help you access it.  Also, if you are having difficulty accessing a device to support remote learning or if you have more than one child and not enough devices please contact us on secretary@landulph.cornwall.sch.uk  

The staff at Landulph are really missing all of the children and wondered what you might be up to.
This is what we imagined… with a little poetic licence!
  • Bumptiously, Brodie beamed brightly
  • Bravely, Ben built a barbecue
  • Carefully, Coen conquered the Co-op
  • Chortling, Charlie chewed a chimichanga
  • Excitedly, Emily examined an egg
  • Endearingly, Ele entertained everyone
  • Fearlessly, Florence floated through the forest
  • Intriguingly, Isabelle issued invitations
  • Importantly, Izabelle inspected an igloo
  • Luckily, Lennon lost the lizard
  • Lately, Letty loved lions
  • Leisurely, Lucas led the llama
  • Laughingly, Logan licked the lollypop
  • Playfully, Penny picked a pineapple
  • Rushing, Rose raced round
  • Tremendously, Thomas toppled a tower
  • Tenacious Tia tackled Twister
  • Airily, Alex answered his arithmetic
  • Angrily, Adam argued with an anteater
  • Artfully, Amelie arranged her accessories
  • Bravely, Bentley blasted out his banjo
  • Crazily, Callum caught coconuts
  • Cautiously, Caden created a catapult
  • Decisively, Daniel darted through danger
  • Eagerly, Erin embellished the ear rings
  • Energetically, Erica enrolled in extra everything
  • Fabulously, Fleur flounced across the field
  • Fortunately, Floraidh favoured fruity fudge
  • Happily, Harriet helped the humming bird
  • Imaginatively, Isabella illustrated her invention
  • Incredibly, Isabelle inherited an iceberg
  • Jauntily, Jack jumped in the jeep
  • Joyfully, Jessica jiggled on the jetty
  • Lightfooted, Logan G leapt up the lighthouse
  • Loudly, Logan C lectured the leopards
  • Loftily, Lola learnt to limbo
  • Magnificently, Megan made mischief
  • Marvellously, Mylee marched up a mountain
  • Mostly, Mawgan mixed magic
  • Noisily, Noah nibbled a nut
  • Obviously, Orlando organised octopuses
  • Patiently, Paisley plaited her ponytail
  • Ruthlessly, Ruby rode a rhinoceros
  • Serenely, Sarina slid on her skateboard
  • Bodaciously, Blossom blew up the bouncy castle
  • Breezily, Billy blasted the ball
  • Cheerfully, Charley challenged the chimpanzee
  • Chiefly, Charlie chose chicken
  • Daringly, Daisy dissected the durian
  • Emotionally, Erin entered the elephant’s enclosure
  • Eventually, Ed emerged effervescently
  • Engagingly, Eadie entranced the extra-terrestrials
  • Effortlessly, Emily edited the encyclopaedia
  • Hastily, Harry hurried to the halfway line
  • Incredulously, Isla itched the impala
  • Jokily, Jensen jived by the jukebox
  • Lightheartedly, Lola larked with Lily
  • Luminously, Lexi lounged on the lilo
  • Lavishly, Lilliana led the line-up
  • Lucratively, Lachlan launched a lifestyle
  • Masterfully, Molly mobilised merriment
  • Merrily, Miya mimicked the mermaid
  • Outstandingly, Oscar ordered obscure objects
  • Ruggedly, Reuben rowed the rapids
  • Splendidly, Spencer sprinted through Spain
  • Terrifically, Thomas trained a tiger.
Do let us know if you have done anything else!

It is really important that you…

  1. Listen to your child read as often as possible.

For the younger children, we would expect this to be every day and as their ability progresses in the older year groups, you will find they need less support from you and will love to pick up a book for pleasure. We would still recommend hearing them read and sharing books with them three times a week and hope you will see this as a relaxing, positive time where you focus purely on this one task.

  1. Give your child daily practice time on Times Tables Rockstars or Numbots.

This will significantly improve your child’s mental recall and fluency, which translates directly into their understanding during maths lessons.

  1. Spend time supporting your child in learning their spellings or phonics.

Within school, we practise these three vital skills daily, but the advantages for those children who are supported at home are vast. They are three fundamental skills that only take a small amount of time within the day. Please make them a priority for your child.




If your child would like to share some news/home learning or just pop by and say ‘Hello’ the following email addresses available which the class teachers will monitor during their working hours.




For those of you with a child in Foundation, don’t forget to update Tapestry with all of the amazing things you have done

Class 1 – Home Learning Resources

Class 2 – Home Learning Resources

Class 3 – Home Learning Resources

Additional Challenges

Learning About Online Safety at Home

Oak National Academy – the Government have launched a national home learning website with a wide range of daily online lessons for all year groups






If you have any queries about school then please use one of the following email addresses: