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Landulph School

Together in Adventure and Discovery

Our Values

We are proud to be part of a school where children and staff are inspired to learn, challenged to do their best and encouraged to succeed.  In our school community, we believe learning comes first and we are all committed to the following values:

Honesty        Friendship        Loyalty        Respect

Our Mission Statement

We will promote active learners who are guided through their school learning journey where each child is nurtured and supported with strengths celebrated, talents developed and risks taken to explore new paths.  We will promote children respecting each other and valuing all their achievements alongside the achievements of others.

Our dedicated teaching team will consistently have high expectations and a shared understanding of excellence in teaching and learning.  We continue to encourage teaching to embrace an exciting creative curriculum that inspires, engages and enthuses all children within a dynamic safe and secure learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom.

We will provide learning experiences that motivate children to believe they can succeed in all that they do, creating a culture where we enjoy challenges in our learning knowing that we can always aim higher.  This is promoted through high aspirations and independence, where children are equipped with the tools they need to continue with their passion for life-long learning.

We continue to promote well-structured engaging lessons comprising of the appropriate pace and challenge that are inclusive of all children, regardless of differences, to ensure that all learners achieve their full potential. We pride ourselves in making a difference and creating well rounded individuals ready for the future they desire.

The school will continue to be at the heart of its community maintaining excellent relationships, particularly working alongside parents and governors to ensure each child receives the education they deserve.  We actively encourage parental involvement at all stages of their child’s school life to develop the whole child.  Positive relationships are nurtured to support high expectations of behaviour.   Staff and children are equally valued and respected within a welcoming and happy school to promote fun and laughter.