What Parents, Visitors and Pupils say about our school and pupils

Parent comment

“I was reading to my daughter whilst her brother was going to sleep, then she wanted to take over. She read with very little help from me, I was absolutely amazed at how fantastic her reading is. She then asked if a word was a ‘split diagraph’, I replied that I didn’t know what that was. She said that it’s like when you have the sound ‘ee’ but there’s a ‘m’ in the middle so it makes ’eme’ like in ‘theme’. I was gobsmacked!!! I asked how she knew this and she said that when she was supposed to go out to play she stayed in to listen to what the frogs were learning! How amazing!”.

To everyone at Landulph School

“Thank you for the wonderful grandparents lunch, which we enjoyed so much”

“Thank you all soooo much for being there for me and looking out for me. You have helped me soooooo very much in the past couple of years. I feel so much more confident in myself and you have all supported me so much! I’m sooo sad I’m leaving you all! I WILL MISS YOU! The best teachers EVER!”

To Mrs John and Miss Phillips

“I’m so glad I came to Landulph School you have been so welcoming and kind. You have been there for me, I will never forget you.”

To all the staff at Landulph School

“Well this is the last of the 3rd generation of our family to leave Landulph School – will there be a 4th and how many of you will still be here?
Thank you all for making my child’s such a special time.”

To the Landulph team

“Thank you so much for having me for my work experience week, I’ve really enjoyed it!  I have loved getting to know the children and building close relationships with them.  This week has helped me to decide that primary teaching is what I would love to do.”

Dear Mrs Best and staff

“Thank you for allowing me to complete my work experience here at Landulph.  I found it really useful to see the different types of tasks in the school workplace, I have loved working with all the children.  Thank you for taking the time to organise my placement.”

  • To All at Landulph School

Thank you for making me feel so welcome and supporting me on my journey to becoming a teacher, I couldn’t have asked for a better 2nd year placement.


  • To All at Landulph School

Thank you so much for being an amazing school – we will miss being here.

February 2015

  • Dear Mrs Best and Staff

Thank you so much for inviting us to the grandparents’ lunch.  As we do not live close by it gave us a chance to see our grandsons school and to know where and how they spend their school days.

The children are a credit to you.  They were all so polite and seemed very happy.  We have really enjoyed our lunch.  Thank you

November 2014

  • Dear Mrs Best and Staff

Thank you very much for organising the grandparents’ lunch last Friday, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was lovely to have the opportunity to spend a school lunchtime with our very proud grandson, who will surely always remember the occasion.  Everyone was very welcoming and we consider our grandson to be very lucky to attend such a friendly, caring inclusive school.

The children were a credit to you all.

November 2014

  • Thank you all

…….for making me feel so welcome
…….for giving me so many opportunities to learn
…….for putting up with some crazy science!
you’re a brilliant team!!
Thank you

June 2014

  • To Everyone at Landulph

Thank you all so much for everything over these past 6 weeks!  I couldn’t have asked for more friendly, lively and caring people to work with.  This placement wouldn’t have been so amazing without you all to support me.  Do not forget me. Hope that I will see you all again soon.

March 2014

  • Parent survey results spring 2014

Please click on the link to read our spring term survey results. Parents_survey_results_2014

  • To all the staff at Landulph

Thank you so much for the amazing Christmas production.  It is totally awe-inspiring that such a small village school can put on such an impressive show.  A huge well done and thank you for the great care you take with our children.  Have a lovely Christmas & Happy 2014!
Big Festive Love.

December 2013

  • To all at Landulph School

Thank you for all that you do.

December 2013

  • To the team at Landulph School

I may have only had a short time here but everyone has been so kind and welcoming.
Just watching you, I have picked up so much, in particular the way that you reinforce learning all the time and how individual children are considered in all the work you do.
I knew this school was good but my different perspective has shown me it’s fantastic!
Thank you for having me and keep up the brillant work you do and be proud!
This is such a unique school with a family feel and I have enjoyed everything about being here.

December 2013

  • Hi Marie

I would just like to say a really big thank you for helping my son to get to Saltash last Thursday for netball.  You really are marvellous, I am so pleased with your lovely school – my son is so happy, which means that I have made the right choice for him……a relieved mum!

November 2013

  • To the Head of  School

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to join you and our grandchild for the Grandparents lunch, we had a throughly enjoyable time.

November 2013

  • To all the staff at Landuph,

Thank you all for making my first year of teaching so enjoyable.  I have really loved the time I have spent here!  I will miss you all so much and am very sad that I have to go.

July 2013

  • Dear Marie

I just wanted to say thank you to the school for the lovely cards and gifts that Fin brings home to me – I have always meant to say thanks each time there is a celebration (Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day etc).  I love all the bits the kids do for their parents and I know that the teachers and assistants play a massive part in orchestrating this. Just wanted to say thanks to the school.
That’s all!

March 2013

  • To Beth

Thank you for agreeing to take me in on placement for the last 12 weeks.  I have been able to take so much from being here and being in a school like Landulph has really helped me to thrive.  In particular, thank you for taking the time to observe lessons for me, to help me with letters of application and interview skills.  It’s been a pleaseure to be here and I am truly sad to be leaving.  All the best for the future and a peaceful retirement.

February 2012

  • To everyone at Landulph,

Thank you so much for looking after me and helping me through my 12 week placement here.  I could not have wished for a better, more enjoyable or more supportive first teaching practice.  It is absolutely true that when you join Landulph you join a family, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of that family for 12 weeks.  I’m terribly sad to be leaving but I hope to keep in touch with all of you.  Thank you so much for everything!

February 2012

  • Dear Mrs Worth

Please find enclosed a modest contribution to the school coffers for the benefit of the children, as you see fit.
As my child comes to the end of the junior school phase of education, I would like to thank you and your staff for all your kind efforts.  Above all apart from a blubbery start my child’s experience at school has been a happy one and for that I am most grateful.
Once again my thanks and best wishes to all, and the school, for the future.

  • Dear Mrs Worth

I have just finished reading every word in my great grandchild’s Learning  Journey and first school report and I felt I must write to say I was greatly impressed by the level of dedication and commitment shown by Mrs Yull and the teaching assistants Sally Instan, Jane Moody and Sandra Plumb.  Until my retiremant in 1991 I was a Primary School teacher so am well aware of demands on teachers to realise each child’s full potential and certainly all those involved in my great grandchild’s education have more than justified their endeavours.  My great grandchild and all your pupils are so lucky to have such a firm and happy foundation to the start of their school life and I was made well aware of this happy atmosphere when I attended the very successful whole school production of the Jungle Book.
My best wishes to you and all your staff.

September 2012

  • To All the staff

Thankyou very much for giving me such a wonderful and enjoyable experience in my 1st teaching job that I will never forget.  The past three years have flown by but I have gained so many wonderful memories and made such great friends along the way.
I feel very honoured and privileged to have worked alongside all of you and I shall really miss the banter that we have in the staff room.  I shall never forget my time here at Landulph and I will most certainly keep in touch and let you know how I’m getting on in my next school.  Thankyou again you most splendid Ladies!

July 2012

  • To All the staff

I have enjoyed every moment here at Landulph and I couldn’t of had a better primary school.  You have been so kind from reception to year 6 I am going to miss you all so much.  I don’t want to leave anyone but we are ready to move on so Good bye and I’ll miss you all.

July 2012

  • Dear Mrs Worth

Although I know it is not normal to reply to a thank you I thought I had to write and compliment you all on the standard of the children’s letters and card which they sent me. It quite made my day. I shall take them to our next meeting to show my fellow trustees. I am delighted we were able to help you and hear what good use you are making of your new equipment.

May 2012

  • Dear Beth and all the staff & students at Landulph

Just wanted to say thank you for the last four wonderful years I have been visiting and working with you all.  Landulph is a very special place, the feeling the school has as soon as you enter is of fun and excitement.  You get such a welcome from whoever you meet, I have loved being part in a small way of the school through working with the children and staff!

Thank you for all your support.

March 2012

  • Dear Mrs Worth and Staff

Just to say thank you for such an enjoyable evening on Wednesday watching “Jungle Book”.  Everything was splendid from costumes and scenery to the pupils who excelled themselves in their acting and behaviour.
I do know how much time and hard work goes into these productions and I congratulate everybody involved.
Have a Happy Christmas. Best wishes.

December 2011

  • To All teachers and staff at Landulph!

Thank you all for a wonderful year and making the girls so happy!  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes

December 2011

  • To Mrs Worth and all the staff at Landulph school.

Thank you so much for inviting us to lunch on Friday.  We really enjoyed the whole experience, something we will remember for a long time.

November 2011

  • Good Morning,

I would just like to say thankyou for a lovely morning in school on Friday.  The Harvest festival was lovely and the children were all fantastic.

  • Dear Mrs Worth

I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the way the school has handled my child’s induction to school.
The learning together sessions were invaluable for my child’s confidence and my knowledge of the school set-up.  There was plenty of time to talk to the staff and a lot of thought had been given to the activities and involvement of the children.
As a result my child is keen and happy to go to school and I feel well informed and involved with his school life due to the excellent folder of school information.

With many thanks.

September 2011

  • To Beth, Marie and all of the team of staff that make Landulph School utterly Brilliant!

Thank you very much for yet another fantastic, fun, eventful and successful year!  Our son is leaving happy, excited and exceptionally well prepared for his next big adventure.  You have helped him grow in ability and confidence.  We truly could not have asked or hoped for more for both of our childrens education, you all do an amazing job and we are so grateful that you all go that extra mile, everyday for our children.

July 2011

  • To all the staff

Thank you so much for all the time and care you have given to our daughter over the last seven years.  It seems to have past in the blink of an eye. Our daughter has thrived in the environment you have all created:  Saltash.net has big shoes to fill.

July 2011

  • Dear Beth and all at Landulph School

Just a note to say how lovely it was to visit Landulph last week to attend part of your Sports Day.  The atmosphere is always so welcoming and special at your school and it was clear everyone was enjoying themselves very much!

July 2011

  • Dear Mrs Worth

A couple of weeks ago Alex returned from “the best week ever”.

We would just like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to all the staff who contributed to making the residential week at Delaware such an amazing experience for the Year 5’s and Y6’s. To Mr Chapman for his limitless patience,  and to Mrs smith and Mrs John, who had to leave their own young families for a few days in order to look after ours.  Also thanks to Mrs Truscott, Mrs Yull, Mrs Woods, Mrs Plumb and Mrs George for going along to help too. Your enthusiasm and sense of fun were , we know, very much appreciated by the children and we too are hugely appreciative of all your effort.  You all gave the children a truly memorable  experience. Thank you

July 2011

  • Dear Mrs Worth

Thanks to you, your staff, Governors and pupils for allowing the public to visit the school yesterday.

I hope that all who visited yesterday came away with as positive impression as me of the work that is being done and the facilities that the school has to offer.

My especial thanks to the two most junior members of the School Council, who conducted me on a very comprehensive tour of their school.  They did very well and obviously enjoy Landulph School.

June 2011

  • Dear Mrs Worth

My son likes going to Landulph School.  He enjoys mixing with the broad range of children, both younger and older, he is particularly pleased to be taught by a male teacher and seems to be at a free after school activity almost every day.  It is good to know he is happy and settled.

May 2011

  • Dear Mrs Worth

My daughter has always been happy at Landulph and this move is no reflection on the care and education she has received – it is simply logistics and location.

Many thanks to all the team that have supported my daughter over the past three years.

May 2011

  • Dear Beth

Just a note to thank you for the warm welcome you gave us when we attended Landulph for the recent Year 5 Information Evening.  Having you present makes a real difference and as you said at the end, it really did feel like a “family affair” that evening!

April 2011

  • Dear Mrs Worth

I wanted to take the opportunity to formally congratulate you on the good inspection judgement by the Ofsted team.

March 2011

  • Nice one Beth!!

An acknowledgment of the journey you have been on. Well done!!

Best wishes

February 2011

  • To Beth and Team,

What a thoroughly reflective report!  Well done to you all, it’s really good that as professionals  your achievements are recognized. From our perspective, we already see that our children are safe, happy, learning and achieving, the report just clarifies that!

January 2011

  • Dear Beth

I would like thank you all and to send my congratulations to you and all the team at the school for the great progress in the Ofsted report.

Well done.

January 2011

Thank you for all you have done to help my child settle and develop her confidence. It is all very much appreciated.

June 2010

Thank you for giving us such an informative, constructive report. We are delighted with his progress this year.

June 2010

Thank you for all the help and support you have given, his own comments say it all.

June 2010

We are pleased with our son’s progress.

June 2009

A lovely report, I am so pleased that my child has matured and developed to improve his learning. Thank you for all your hard work.

June 2009

We are very pleased with our child’s progress this year.

June 2009

Absolutely delighted with our daughters progress and always welcome feedback and ideas for supporting her learning.

June 2009

Our son has enjoyed this year at school, he is making good progress, very pleased.  Thank you for all of your hard work, with all of our children. Thanks to all the teachers and assistants.

June 2009

Very pleased with our daughters SATs results. Thanks for all your hard work with her.

Junn 2009