We all had a  rasing money for Roald Dahl’s charity take a look at the photographs below.

We came to school dressed as our favourite Roald Dahl characters from the BFG to Oompa-Loompas or the Twits or simply wearing his favourite colour ~ yummy yellow! We raised £53.72 for this charity to help raise funds for specialist nurses, care and equipment for children with rare neurological and blood conditions.

Roald Dahl Day Austin P1020035 0912Roald Dahl Day Isaac P1020023 0912 Roald Dahl Day Isabella P1020037 0912Roald Dahl Day Lola P10200170912 Roald Dahl Day Maisie P1020016 0912 Roald Dahl Day Matthew P1020039 0912 Roald Dahl Day Morgan P1020036 0912 Roald Dahl Day Oliver P1020030 0912 Roald Dahl Day Poppy P1020020 0912