Class 2 were asked to write an exploded poem!

The children had a list of words that make up a poem called ‘Winter’. The children could add in up to ten of their own words to help make up their own poem. The words could be used as many times as they liked.

Winter by Ella

The spiders web sparkled as the winter sun shone through the trees.
Oak and fir heavy with icicles.
A boy raced through the wood he was catching his death.
He was shivering as his breath cut through the winter air.
Down by the stream spoke a limpet shivering by a crushed leaf.
The limpet moved across the sand silently watching the sea.

Winter by Daniel

Back in 1916 a snow storm struck
It all started in the great oak wood. . . .
Where he took his death
It moved silently
They never spoke
The frozen stream shimmered in the moonlight
The web on the gate hung shivering
Icicles hung like daggers down from each fir
And on winter prowled
Whispering breath froze every leaf like stone
Winters kiss nipped at our lips.

Winter by Austin

Never spoke as icicles crushed through the whispering wood, it’s frozen fir and the oak leaf
Catch his breath as winter prowled the shivering sea lighting the sand
and stone hushing the limpet as death came near.
Winter raced silently and froze the web
and crept by the stream, his lips were frozen but word was never spoken.
As winter nipped at the back of his breath, as death came near.
Winter moved down each shivering web, leaf and limpet
then he spoke a word “winter” and death did come near.

Winter by Peter

I walked into the wood shivering
I heard the wind whispering
Silently to me on the icicles waving on leaves
I never spoke
I saw the stream frozen in disbelief
Soon I took a mighty breath and I slipped and fell into a web
I then heard the trees hushing me.
Then I knew winter was here.

Winter by Henry

The frozen stream silently breathing
Winter icicles shivering in the wind
On the branch of the old oak tree
A spider prowled around his web.

Holding onto his web like a limpet
Never moving like a stone in the sand
Waiting for his prey to land.

The winter wind catching the trees
With one frozen leaf on each one
The leaves crushed on the floor
Like a flat fish in the sand under the sea

The animal moved through the leaves
His fur stopping him from catching his death
Silently moving through the wood
Always up to no good.